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Wedding #3 of 2016…February 21st, 2016.    Jaclyn and Kyle’s wedding is one that I will always remember.  Some weddings stick in your head more than others for one reason or another.  I can’t necessarily point my finger at one specific reason, but maybe it was the combination of the entire day.  They are a fun couple for sure….maybe it was because Kyle made his grand entrance on a boat.  Though it wasn’t too funny at the time….my second photographer Wesley was out on that boat with the Kyle and his groomsman for about an hour because there was a delay setting up the venue.  They were literally floating around on the lake for quite some time.  Maybe it was their guests as they were equally fun to spend the day with.  Maybe it was the beautiful day that made for perfect images.  Who knows….but thinking back on it now…..I really miss the day I got to spend with them.

As always…..enjoy the image overload of their spectacular wedding day that took place in Paradise Cove at Buena Vista Watersports in Orlando FL.

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January 18th, 2016…Wedding #2 of 2016.  Kelly and William, another couple who had everything planned, even their honeymoon, yet were still on their search for the right wedding photographer.  One of the nicest, kindest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Their wedding ceremony took place at Woodlands Lutheran Church in Montverde FL were they not only married, but brought two amazing families together.  After the ceremony they decided to have their reception and one last hurrah in Kelly’s home that was completely emptied as she was in the process of selling it.  They transformed her home with dining tables and chairs, turned the kitchen into a bar, and the backyard into an outdoor reception area complete with one last fire in the fire pit.  What a beautiful day it was.

I hope you enjoy this image overloaded post of their wonderful wedding day!

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Lake Hiawatha Preserve wedding Clermont FL

Sometimes the smallest of weddings are the ones that are the most heartfelt and intimate.

Guy and Shellesa contacted me only a few weeks before their wedding date of Jan. 2nd 2016.  They had everything planned but only remaining item left was the right photographer to document their special wedding day.  Us wedding photographers sometimes get unusual request, and most of the time our job is to remind clients that some requests just aren’t realistic or may turn out completely different than what some brides and grooms invision.  “Thanks Pinterest”.

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“Does your wedding packages include a second shooter?”  Well…let’s discuss what the words or title ” second shooter”, what it means or what it implies for most.

My go to second shooter..Wesley Finch of Finch Photography thinking through a shot….anticipating a moment.

I get this question quite frequently from newly engaged brides-to-be who inquire about my wedding photography services.  Over countless face to face consultations I’ve discovered that for most brides and grooms the term “second shooter” really doesn’t go much further than the reassurance that I will show up to their wedding with a second person who is operating a camera.  You see, in most scenarios the future bride is most likely thinking “great….all angles will be covered and nothing will be missed if we have a second shooter”.   Sounds awesome right?  For me….the idea that “all angles will be covered and nothing will be missed” is quite frankly close to the bottom of the list of reasons why the bride and groom will benefit from having a “second photographer/ shooter”.

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When I googled the words “photography scam”  what I expected to pop up in the search results is the Photo Stealers website.  It’s website dedicated to outing “photographers” who are caught red handed stealing hard working real photographers work and claiming it as their own.  It’s a great site that catches people trying to pass themselves off as real professional photographers misleading those who are simply looking to hire a real photographer.

What is more alarming is what really pops up in the results…..countless examples of a scammer looking to hire a photographer to cover their event.  The event is usually a family reunion shoot or a wedding.  The scammer as expected has very poor grammar skills and usually cuts right to the real question of “do you accept credit cards?”  I personally have been on the receiving end of this scam twice via text message.  I’ve heard other reports of this scam happening over email too.  Usually a real photo client will reach out by email so a random text message as their choice of correspondence  is somewhat of a red flag to begin with.

The 1st time I got the scam I just blew it off.  The second time I got this scam I trolled the scammer a bit for info to see if they would slip up.  This time I decided to troll the scammer hard….making up outlandish stories that would send any real client running far far away from any consideration of hiring me.  The initial idea was to see just how long I could keep the outlandish stories going.  I had plenty of them lined up by the second day.  At the third day I thought the scammer had caught onto my trolling, but somehow I reeled them back in for a bit more fun.  The ending of this isn’t as grand as I had originally intended….but the process was a blast.  Originally I documented the events as they unfolded on my personal Face Book page that I keep for friends only.  I often polled my friends who were following along giving choices of which way the story should go.  Many suggested they wanted the story to be public so they could show friends.  For your enjoyment at many requests I present to you 3 days of crazy fun trolling the scammer in an effort to give them less time to bait someone else who might become a victim.


Carolina “the scammer” in yellow chat box.

Me “the photographer” in the blue chat box.


DISCLAIMER!  I have never been in trouble with the law and certainly have never been on parole.  My dear grandmother passed away 20+ years ago.  No dogs were harmed in the process….just pics taken from the internet or borrowed from friends.

On with the show!  Enjoy!

photography scam

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