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About Photography by Steve O’Donnell

This about me section is a little about me, but most of all, it is really all about you!

My mission is to capture your spirit, your personality, and your soul through the art of photography.  I want nothing more than for you to have a wonderful client experience that results in unique, timeless photography which you are sure to cherish for years to follow.

Beside the fact that I love photography and every aspect of it, I realize that hiring a photographer is not a necessity, but rather treating yourself to something special.  I believe when you treat yourself you should feel happy about the process and the end result, and I take that very seriously.  Whether your photography is for your wedding day, your family portrait session, or high school senior session I feel there is a story to tell through your images.  Quite often that story is not only a split second moment of the camera’s shutter, but also a dynamic chapter in your life.  Simply put, I want to be the photographer who will help you tell this important chapter in your life.

My philosophy is that your images should be about you, your family, your chapter in life, and what makes you unique.

If you value photography as much as I do, especially if it is for your wedding day, then rest assured I have your back.


Yep……that’s me!

and now for some light hearted F.A.Q.

So what makes Photography by Steve O’Donnell different?

Well, there is the stunning image aspect as displayed in my portfolio and previous client work.  That is the technical aspect of photography that is evident in images.  The process is the part that you may not have picked up on but you’ll notice that my clients look naturally happy and I make sure that the process is comfortable, enjoyable, and fun for you.  No one likes that awkward feeling of staring down the lens so I do my best to make you comfortable infront of the camera.  I’m known to crack jokes and make you laugh even if it’s at my expense.  I do whatever it takes to make your wedding day or photo session an enjoyable experience.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Canon professional DSLR cameras, Canon high quality L Series lenses and Canon Speedlites. basically those big heavy cameras that make your forearm sore from carrying it after a few hours.

Do you carry backup equipment when shooting weddings?

Glad you asked! No worries! Have you seen what cell phones can do these days? Ha! Had you for a second didn’t I?

I bring along back up cameras, multiple lenses and camera batteries, multiple memory cards, multiple flashes and multiple sets of batteries for those flashes to every wedding.  I also go to extreme lengths to protect your images until they are fully delivered to you. They don’t leave my hip until I get home, and once I do get home your images are fully backed up to 3 different hard drives before the editing process even begins. I am relentless in protecting your images until they are delivered to you.

My wedding venue only allows insured vendors.  Are you insured?

Yes, I am insured.  I carry liability insurance, equipment insurance, and errors and omissions coverage. If your venue requires insurance I can provide them with a certificate of insurance within 48 hours notice.

Do you travel?

Unless you’re having your wedding in my front yard, the answer is yes. If you choose to have your wedding in my front yard it will be an additional charge.

How do you dress at weddings?

It’s Florida, and it’s hot! Flip flops, swim trunks, my favorite T-shirt, and that baseball hat my wife wants me to get rid of.  If that doesn’t exactly fit your wedding theme or vision I’ll be sure to wear dress pants, a nice button down dress shirt or polo, and get my hair looking all nice.

You are pretty entertaining.  Are you always this funny?

Yep!  I lived with circus clowns for two years.  Feel free to ask me about that sometime.  Seriously….ask me…because the stories I could share shouldn’t be kept in my head.