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Another Senior Portrait

I was asked to shoot Brittany’s Senior Portraits last weekend and I opted for another early AM start time, this time it was 7:00 am.  Yeah, I know it was asking a bit much to be on location at 7:00 am, but it was soooo worth it.  The temperature was a bit chilly at that time, and the clients were running a few minutes behind ( hey, I asked a teen to be up early on a Saturday ya know ) but through a series of text messages Brittany wanted to know if there was a coffee shop near our shoot location where she could get a hot chocolate.  I informed her that I was 2 minutes from hitting the local Starbucks drive-thru on my way and to give me the order.  Well, despite the chilly temps, that hot chocolate quickly changed to a Frappuccino…..hugh?  So, once on location we took our time, chatted about some expectations surrounding the shoot, and sipped on our cafe mocha and frappaccino.  Frappaccino on a chilly morning….she was freezing so I offered up my fleece zip up jacket.  The holiday season sort of messed up my shoot location….where there was a nice town square water fountain now lived a big ol decked out Christmas tree and everywhere you looked there was red bows and wreaths hanging from every street lamp.  There was a band performance stage set up on my favorite corner and a big old ugly white power generator against my favorite brick wall.   Tried a different location about a mile down the road that was perfect.  Plenty of open space, well manicured lawns, and dog pooh!

Yep, that’s right… pooh!  Ninja dog pooh!  The kind that somehow blended in quite well.  At one point, Brittany is laying down on the ground perfectly posed and I’m also laying down on the ground about 5 feet away when I smell it, and it smelled so bad that instead of taking the shot I lowered the camera and started scanning the surrounding grass.  “All right….where is it?”  Then I hear Brittany’s mom say “it’s on your shoe”….awesome!!!  Talk about making your client genuinely giggle at your expense.  Well, thank goodness the shaded grass was still full of morning dew…easy enough to clean off the sole of my shoe.  After that shot I ask Brittany to lay down on her back and at this point we’re really being cautious about our steps.  Somehow….she ended up sitting in a tiny bit….but now we both smelled pretty special.

Enter the life saver.  Baby wipes!  I don’t know what is in those things but they will save your life in so many ways.  Any parent will tell you.  They will take the toughest stains out of upholstery and clothing, take the stickiness off your hands from the sweetest treat, and dog pooh off your jeans and sneakers, yet they are 100% safe on a baby’s bottom!  There is a box of them in my car….always….and once again they save the day!

The rest of the shoot was awesome.  Brittany rocked the shoot and was so much fun to work with and willing to try any pose….and at the very end of it all we took a few celebratory playful shots of her kicking in the somewhat cold waters of a local lake.

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