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So being that it’s Christmas day and all, my daughter decided to get dressed up in her Elsa dress and had her big sister do her makeup.  Next thing you know she came running over to me and asked if I would do a photo shoot with her.  Wait….did I just hear that right?  She has zero patience for me and my camera lately and usually limits me to maybe 4 or 5 shots at most.  “Well, let’s go up to the field at the top of the street” I replied.  I quickly grabbed my gear and a few off camera lights and my Apollo Orb softbox and we headed for the field.  Once I got everything set up she held true to form and after about 10 shots she was pretty much done and wanted to return home.Blog

After getting home and dumping the few shots we got in the field onto the computer I thought wouldn’t it be cool if I could turn her surroundings into a winter wonderland.  We live in Florida where it never snows and with her infatuation of all things Frozen it would just make her day if I could change her surroundings to better align with Elsa.  Roughly an hour later in Photoshop I had the image above and she absolutely loved it.  The image below is the original shot we got in the field.  I got extra points in the Daddy department today!  Merry Christmas everyone.


I often grab my step daughter as my subject when I want to try something new or creative.  So, I had this idea of a shoot involving a local grungy field full of dead weeds, a small excercise trampoline easily hidden in the weeds, and umbrellas.  While the teens had umbrellas as props for the shoot, I also wanted to test out my new lighting stands, shoot thru umbrellas, and remote speedlight triggers that I had recently acquired.  Aside from that, I also had the idea of involving shiny confetti.  This time, my step daughter included one of her good friends along for the shoot.  We had a blast and the new equipment worked out great.  Enjoy!

Part of my former career history involved being a stunt performer for a Disney World stage show.  That career path is border line professional athlete without the media coverage, fame, pay scale….and your body can only take so much punishment.  I made wonderful life long friends when I was a part of that world and I have a unique appreciation for the skill these performers have and their ability to make physically demanding feats look elegant, graceful and beautiful.  A good friend asked me if I’d like to shoot one of their performances at a local event and I jumped on the opportunity.  The shooting conditions weren’t the best….but the following shots display just how awesome their performance was.  I can’t wait to attend the next performance.  Enjoy!

Since this blog is only a few days old, I’m going to be adding a few things I’ve recently been working on, and a few things from the last few months past. One of those items are experimenting with high-key images. Often, high-key images involve some post processing to achieve the final look, but the shooting process involves knowing the final image will be a high-key and adjusting your camera settings with that in mind. Here are a few practice shots I recently took to practice some high-key techniques. Enjoy!