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Jennifer and Jason’s wedding day started out like any typical sunny Florida day.  Beautiful puffy white clouds painted the pretty blue sky.  They had planned to have their ceremony outside under that beautiful sky, but at the last possible minute a typical June storm rolled in and threatened the ceremony with lightning and rain.  Though it appeared it might just barely miss the ceremony, Jen and Jason made the difficult decision to move the ceremony indoors where the reception would be held.  The catering team from Sweetwater Branch Inn handled the last-minute move with professionalism and swiftly moved the ceremony by rearranging the already set reception area to accommodate the ceremony.

This was my first outdoor wedding that actually got “rained out” and moved indoors, but I knew it would happen sooner or later here in Florida.   What honestly surprised me is just how well Jennifer (and Jason) handled the situation.  Jennifer just went with the flow without skipping a beat.  Her day wasn’t ruined by any means.  In fact, as I learned later in the evening, she actually liked that the ceremony was moved indoors.  In her words “it was much more intimate that way”.   There was no aisle to walk down.  Instead she wove a path of tightly shifted table settings filled with wedding guests along with her father to the man of her dreams.  Afterwards…the sky’s cleared in time for portraits and fun.  Be sure to click on the title for the entire post.  Congratulations Jennifer and Jason.  You two rock!


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When mother and friend Melissa asked me to shoot a family session featuring her and her youngest son Jayden I was excited.  When she requested that her session be in an urban location because it fit more their style and personalities I was beyond psyched.  Don’t get me wrong….I love the look of golden hour sunsets in landscape of weeds and glowing trees…but you get dirty, you get eaten alive by insects…and then you contend with snakes, fire ants, tics, etc.  What I also loved is their sense of style and careful thought they put into their session and wardrobe.  This is one session you won’t want to miss, trust me! View full post »

On a beautiful spring day Susan and Michael tied the knot. This is one wedding that will certainly stick with me for a long time for a variety of reasons. A beautiful couple, a beautiful venue, a beautiful and fun gathering of family and friends, a touching pre-ceremony first look, and a beautiful sunset. Click the title to see more of their wonderful wedding.

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Kayla and Robbie were married December 7th 2013. Their wedding was held at the beautiful Mission Inn Resort located in Howey in the Hills Florida. There is not much that I could add in the way of words that the images don’t already speak. Theses two are just madly in love with each other and if you spend 5 minutes with them it’s quite apparent. Kayla happened to be a guest at my second ever wedding way back when and had followed my work ever since. I found out after the wedding that it wasn’t a given that she would hire me as their photographer for their special day, but I was chosen after close consideration from a handful of photographers. That brought a smile to my face to say the least. It was my honor to be part of their special day. Huge thank you to my second photographer Wesley Finch of Finch Photography for his amazing work and help throughout the day.

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At the end of 2012 I blogged my favorite images from that year with a short description as to why they made the cut.  It was a fun look back for me to see how my photography evolved throughout the year and I thought it would be a good idea for every year.  Well, a few weeks ago I started combing through the thousands of images I had taken in 2013….(yes thousands)….and I was a little surprised how nothing really stood out as the best.  Maybe I had become desensitized  from the initial impact they originally had when they first came off the memory cards or maybe I had just become bored with them after looking at them over time?  What ever the reason was I was miffed by it.  I shared my thoughts with a friend and fellow photographer and was reminded at the fact “we as photographers are our own worst critics” and we will often loose ourselves and find fault in the smallest of details.  I often feel my best images are the ones I take for me, the candid moments from home….or the random shoots I do with my kids where I can take my time and plan things out and work around problematic shooting conditions.  So naturally I looked to my personal images first and this is where the feeling started to hit me.  My fellow photography friend reminded me of the images I took of my clients…the ones who hired me for my photography.  Know what, he was right.  I shook off the feeling and took another look thinking back from where I started out….to where the year took me.  Being proud of the work I did for clients isn’t a bad thing.  Being proud of my client work is a good thing….a really good thing!

If there are any “take away’s” looking back over 2013 I think it’s safe to say I’m a people photographer.  I love photographing people.  I love working with people, capturing their candid moments, their memories, the look in their eyes, and the way they smile.  My main mission for 2013 was to become very comfortable using flash photography and boy did I do a lot of flash photography.  The best light isn’t always available.  Sure, nothing beats that natural light golden hour.  But, a clients time and my time is very important….and I can’t expect clients to reschedule a shoot just because the best light isn’t available.  I also can’t expect every wedding to be graced with the perfect light and weather conditions.  If the best natural light wasn’t available I set out to be certain that I could produce light that was pleasing and unique.

The following are my favorites from 2013.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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