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The groom in this wedding is my half brother, and of course the bride is my new sister-in-law.  As my gift to them both I told them I would provide the photography for their wedding.  I know what you may be thinking…”well wouldn’t you rather be a part of the wedding?”  The difference in this situation is I only found my father, half brother, and the rest of that side of the family a few years ago.  It’s a long story that is somewhat personal, but the point is I thought it would be better for the people who are in my half brothers life on a constant basis…the people who know him better than I do to be part of his big day.  Not to mention that I love shooting weddings and telling the story of the day more than being in them.  This was my first out of state wedding, and the first time I shot a wedding without seeing the venue’s and locations months before hand, and it was my first time shooting an indoor wedding as well.  I must say that I’ve never felt so welcomed by so many guest.  I met family members I didn’t realize I had, and all the guest were so welcoming and nice and they honestly made me feel that I was a big part of the day.  Many stopped me at the reception to have candid conversations, and sorry to say I even had to cut a few of them short because I was there to do a job first and foremost.  I’d like to wish Courtney and Brandon a wonderful happy life together.  The following images ( more than I usually post to a blog ) is how their day went through my lens.  Enjoy!

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When Melissa contacted me to do her head shots I was like “hell yeah!”  You see, Melissa and I worked together for years in our former lives, and though I hadn’t seen her in a long long time….I couldn’t wait to simply photograph and old friend.  Not knowing exactly what she’d been up to for the last few years I had to ask ” so what is your vision for your head shots?”.  Her answer ” corporate but fun “.  I have to admit….I had a little trouble wrapping my head around those two words stuck together.  Once we started shooting it was evident that Melissa is just that.  She is a wonderful person, probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  On top of that she is talented in so many ways, has this beautiful and unique look about her….and can be total business when she needs to be….and one smart cookie too!  I won’t try to explain what she does now but you can learn more about her by following this link here to her website.  The following shots were some of our favorites from her shoot.

Way back in February……yes that’s right…..I said February (still trying to catch up with my blog) I had the opportunity to photograph the Finch Family.  What’s different about this family is they are the owners of Finch Photography based out of Tequesta FL.  It’s always an honor to have the trust of a family to capture their memories, but when your subjects are damn good photographers in their own right…..well….no pressure right???  WRONG!

You see, if you follow the link above to their website or visit their Finch Photography FaceBook Page  you’ll get a clue as to what I’m talking about.  The’re good….really good!

When they called me and asked if I would mind doing a family session for them I just couldn’t refuse.  They’re a wonderful family that are a lot of fun to spend time with.  Over the last few years we’ve developed a friendship through photography.  We have similar taste in photography and share a similar style.  So, one weekend they took a much needed break from their busy schedule and drove up to Orlando for some R&R and we squeezed in a family session.

Later this year we’ll be shooting a few weddings together so keep an eye out for a few O’Donnell&Finch collaborations.  They will be awesome!

The following shots are a few of my favorite’s from their session.

Earlier in the year I participated in my first ever bridal show with Your Dream Event Weddings and Special Events.   The show was a blast and it gave me my first ever opportunity to meet dozens of brides to be and discuss their photography needs concerning their special day face to face.  I offered a raffle prize at the end of the day for a free 2 hour engagement session and Katherine and Bryan were the selected winners.  As I understand it, they haven’t fully decided on a wedding date just yet.  I’m certain once they get all the details sorted out their day will be quite a special day.  The following are a few shots from their engagement session.