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Photography by Steve O’Donnell – Best of 2015


Keeping up with my self imposed tradition of my personal photography year in review.  I present to you the places I’ve gone, the wonderful people I’ve met, the events I’ve been honored to capture, and many shiney rings.  Enjoy!

I met some pretty cool high school seniors along the way who are about to close one chapter and open another…



A candid shot of a senior when they least expect it can lead to some pretty cool shots…

and sometimes an older sibling will join in on the fun…_MG_2727

Nothing beats a candid moment with a proud father of a high school senior…_MG_0904


I had a few opportunities to capture some out of town families all from multiple states who gathered generations together for vacation and decided to have portraits done to mark the occasion._MG_4578

Their kids even taught me that it is OK to relax, have fun, and make goofy faces…_MG_0270

And I got the opportunity to remind their parents that it is OK to be without the kids for a few minutes to be reminded of who they are as a couple…_MG_1572

I had some friends take the time out of their day to help me perfect my craft and try new techniques and locations…Blog_8811-Edit_MG_8792-Edit_MG_6067-Edit_MG_6299_MG_6323_MG_3560_MG_1072

I watched a long time client start a brand new chapter in her life…_MG_0272

and watched her become proud mommy and start a family…_MG_3473

I watched friends do the same…_MG_5976_Print

and met some more people who were doing it too…._MG_6223_MG_6236

I watched as people found “the one” to spend the rest of their life with and got engaged…_MG_8546_MG_8507

Some chose to also show their love of beer…_MG_8112


Some were new to Florida

and some couples were guests at previous weddings that I photographed…_MG_3133

and some let me try new techniques…_MG_4443

I shot more weddings in 2015 then in previous years and learned a few things along the way.

I learned that if you put in the extra effort and take a risk by finding a way to overcome an obstacle like getting the bride’s bouquet into the center of a really cool fountain…


…you are certain to get something unique and different …SW_Wed_015

I learned that keeping an eye out for spontaneous moments that happen quickly may just get you featured for capturing something special…


It’s not every wedding where you find yourself in a horse pasture and the horses crash the wedding…..NA_Wed_189

But they also helped tell the story of the day…NA_Wed_477

Back yard local weddings can be beautiful…Wolf_Wed_184

Wedding portrait inspiration can come from something so simple like a round window…..Stalnaker_Wed_100

Candid moments and real laughter make for the best images…Stalnaker_Wed_081LJR_271

like when a sand pour misses the target….._MG_6692

or that moment you realize you found the perfect mate…_MG_7309

Having a first look before the wedding is not for everyone….but they produce some of the best reactions…J&A _Chavez_Wed138

A practice run of your first dance before you get to your reception can make for a perfect moment…SW_Wed_258

Some of my favorite portraits of just the bride….Skretkowicz_111J&A _Chavez_Wed101Humphrey_342

and one of a flower girl dreaming of her own big day…..Humphrey_049

It’s great when a couple can just be themselves….._MG_7444

…or be trusting enough to take a risk and to be in the moment …(I’m the one who got wet)…_MG_6467

I love photographing the groom dipping his bride…J&A _Chavez_Wed420


Using the environment around you can lead to great shots…Humphrey_349


I love taking ring shots and my clients often ask me for them.

Here are just a few of those shiny rings that were slipped on fingers.


J&A _Chavez_Wed439SW_Wed_283

My favorite hanging wedding dress shot of the year….J&A _Chavez_Wed031

Lastly…..I watched my little girl grow up a little more.  I took a lot of shots of her in 2015 and here are a few of my favorites…Blog_MG_8437_MG_9489_MG_8968-Edit_MG_8398_MG_6033_MG_4327-Edit_MG_3522_2

and even though my step daughter was busy with her first job, becoming a senior and getting ready to become an adult….I managed to get her in one shot that I loved!_MG_8979-Edit

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